Allergies Running in Families

It is highly likely you share allergic, sensitive tendencies with members of your family. Everyone else in my immediate family has at least one food allergy and some have seasonal allergies as well, and at least one person has atopic dermatitis. I thought I was the lucky one without any food issues whatsoever, even though I was also the one most frequently in and out of the hospital.

Well, once we caught gluten, turns out I have many. And everyone else in the family also react to gluten to various degrees but no one knew so far! One person told me that for the first time in their life they are not aware of their insides, they always had some pain, and for the first time they had stool that actually had a shape! Also tinnitus (ringing in ears) disappeared and eye fatigue reduced. Another told me their severe insomnia and daily muscle cramps and restless legs syndrome greatly reduced. Another is shy about the details but felt enough difference that they eat mostly gluten free on their own. All of them also get noticeable bloating and gas when they do eat wheat.

Some studies show Neanderthal genes are to blame for allergies.

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