Before and After

Symptoms that disappeared

Brain fog, frequent headaches, migraine (especially after exercise), itchiness (after exercise), random joint pain, irritability, hunger pangs within a couple of hours of eating, random bouts of anaphylaxis (near black outs, vomiting, and diarrhea)
severe menstrual cramps, what looked like an extreme case of keratosis pilaris (tiny red spots all over the body), adult acne
mouth sores, bleeding and/or itchy anus, dizziness, frequent throat clearing due to scratchy throat, and bloating

My partner
Dermatographism, loss of water weight, bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding), abdominal discomfort and bowel movements, much reduced gas

Factors other than diet that may have some influence: dust mite control, removing most scented household products, slight gradual increase in exercise as I no longer had itching, migraine, or nausea afterwards, decrease in eating out or processed foods


Nearing four years of successfully avoiding severe reactions. Still have smaller accidents. Possibly mold, which can be tricky to steer clear of entirely, and cross contamination. Luckily reactions to these are bouts of diarrhea and not life threatening, so in that sense I am fortunate and can afford to take little risks.

My partner gets inklings of dermatographism, bruxism, headaches, and bowel trouble when he starts eating out more. This might escalate to sleep disturbance, fever, and body aches when this goes on for longer periods of time like during travel. Although the culprits are a bit more ambiguous (is it high amines or mold, mild reactions to milk or wheat, or histamine overload caused by a combination of environmental allergies, fermented foods, and alcohol?), at least it is certain that they are a subset of those eliminated from our home diet.

In some sense it is a trade off. Used to be able to eat much anything, as I didn’t have clear reactions every single time I ate a problem food, but had random incidents and was chronically unwell. Now, I feel the best in my life but need to be cautious of everything I eat since reactions to accidental ingestion is swift and unmistakeable. For me, the trade off is worth it.

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