Food Causing Mood Changes

We observed mood changes with the following foods:

Wheat (gluten?) – irritability 

After any allergic reaction/ GI troubles in general – low mood

Mold (amines?)

– chocolate – lousy, I really don’t want to move 

– cooked fermented soy – low irritable, frustration explosions

– Alcohol – low mood

Soy sauce (free glutamate?) – buzz, can’t sleep, racing thoughts

In our case foods that we are allergic to and some food chemicals we are sensitive to seem to affect our mood. Suspiciously able to cause all mood symptoms of Bipolar 2: depression, agitated depression, agitated hypomania, and very rarely happy/ productive hypomania.

I would guess that the specific foods that cause shifts in mood will be different from person to person. As it will depend on that particular individual’s food allergies/ sensitivities/ intolerances.

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