Fresh Yeast Attack

This was funny because five people ate the same thing. I made a sweet flatbread, gluten free, leavened with yeast.

After just a couple of bites to taste while frying them up a horrible crushing headache hit so I had to retreat to bed in a dark room even before the others had really started eating. Another person had the worst gas for two days along with headache, blowing our minds about how much gas production is possible from a human being. The other three people had no problem whatsoever. We all have no noticeable problem eating commercial gluten free yeast bread, which most likely were baked more than a few days ago and sometimes even frozen.

I wonder what the mechanism is and haven’t been able to find one yet. If anyone has an explanation for this please share. Some migraine trigger lists have fresh baked yeast bread on it, less than a day old. There must have been enough people with anecdotal evidence for this to be on these lists, to which we are adding our little episode as well.

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