List of My Allergies by Symptoms

FPIES with shock

Milk, shrimp, hazelnut, aspergillus mold

Itch and abdominal pain (immediate)

Chestnut (raw)

Exercise induced headache and itch

Wheat, chestnut (roasted)
suspected: other tree nuts, some seeds and beans

Headache (immediate)

Pecan, Live yeast, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed
Sorghum? Macadamia nut? Garbanzo (chickpea)?

Gastrointestinal Issues (GI)

Almond, quinoa, chocolate, buckwheat, chia
Amaranth? Adzuki bean?

GI and headache (delayed)



Wheat, chocolate, alcohol, mold?


Milk (immediate)
Shrimp (delayed)

Sore throat

Buckwheat (immediate)
Milk (delayed)


Milk, chestnut, sunflower seed?

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