On the State of Stool

In my experience as someone with multiple allergies and sensitivities, if I don’t have ideal stool, it’s highly likely I am reacting to something and causing irritation, inflammation, and even bleeding in the bowels.

When I eat only my safe foods, the bathroom trip couldn’t be anymore pleasant. It is quick, painless, no urgency, and so clean. Seriously, now that I know this is possible for me, I pay more attention to when things start to deviate from the ideal.

What is ideal? Soft banana shaped stool that comes out clean, like no wiping necessary. Ever had pets or experience with livestock? One pretty clear sign of health is they have clean behinds.

Non ideal situations include constipation, diarrhea, or bloody stool, obviously. But also black or tarry (signs of internal bleeding), messy, sticky, oily or floating, or stool with no form along with a bleeding or irritated anus.

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