Salicylate Sensitivity and Allergy

At first, my tolerance level was roughly one piece of fruit a day. Obviously a shorthand as there are many foods with salicylates and the total amount is what actually matters but for the most part fruit tended to be the single highest salicylates source in our diet. But sometime in the middle of going through our elimination diet I realized I tolerated a lot more salicylates than before. It seemed to coincide to the point I entirely eliminated dairy, including clarified butter and ghee, but I cannot say with absolute certainty whether that was the key. Nowadays, I don’t worry about the amount of salicylates in our diet.

I wonder if there is a connection between salicylate sensitivity and food allergies but have not been able to find studies on this yet. Although there is a connection the other way around in that as with exercise, aspirin and NSAIDs can amplify food allergy reactions.

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