Scientific Minded

Medical science is not complete. There are a lot of gray areas, which we need to navigate the best we can, considering what is known but also what may still be unknown or unexplained. These days, partly because we perceive our scientific knowledge to be quite advanced, we can be slow in acknowledging that there really might be something going on when it doesn’t fit neatly into what is already known. It is too easy to dismiss, too easy to suggest that perhaps it is all in your head. That happens too much. We can keep that as one of many options of what might be going on. Besides such condemnation doesn’t actually help even if someone is ‘mental’.

While I think the scientific method is still the best we have so far, we must remember there are many things still to be uncovered. Unproven does not necessarily mean it does not exist. Reality is much more complicated.

If you are directly affected, you can’t just wait around until someone proves with certainty. Even if something is fringe/ niche/ experimental, if it works for you, it may be the best option for now. Hopefully further studies will prove it for larger populations.

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