All the Issues I had in One Long List

Low birth weight
Frequent diarrhea
Hallucinations (auditory and visual)
Sleep walking
Balance issues
Motion sickness
Joint pain
Major depression
Anxiety, mostly social
Chronic sinusitis
Recurring colitis
Flu, nearly annually
Nephrotic syndrome
Drug anaphylaxis
Abdominal migraine/ cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS)
Blood with bowel movement
Tarry stool (bleeding higher up in the intestines)
Bipolar 2
Heartburn/ acid reflux
Keratosis pilaris
Adult acne
Nickel allergy
Exercise induced shock, vomiting, diarrhea, hives, migraine
Brain fog
Unexplained infertility
Severe menstrual cramps
Heavy periods, mid cycle spotting, premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Mouth sores
Bleeding or itchy anus
Frequent sore throat
Hunger pangs

Health History

Writing this out makes me feel exposed but I tried to include everything as we don’t know how all these may or may not be relevant.

I was born full term but very small.
As a baby was breastfed supplemented with formula and had runny stool pretty much all the time.

At age 3, major surgery due to intussusception and had parts of intestines removed. Usually the cause is not found but food allergy is a suspect. According to parents, after surgery I became slow.

From 6 to 10 I guzzled milk like water, up to six cups a day. This is apparently a warning sign, addiction to problem foods. I was mostly healthy but had trouble with balance, falling down a lot for my age. For awhile I regularly saw or heard things that were not actually there.

Shift in diet to less milk and wheat and more soy.

Age 11 to 12, I started to have bloating, motion sickness, and for a brief time joint pain severe enough that I couldn’t walk.

13 and 14 brought major depression with frequent suicidal thoughts, chronic sinusitis, and bouts of colitis and flu.

At 15 I had nephrotic syndrome and was hospitalized for a couple of weeks. During which I had an anaphylactic episode from an IV administered diuretic. When the drug entered my veins, instantly there was an extremely uncomfortable sensation of heat surging throughout my body. Then my vision became blurry and there was a rapid drop in blood pressure. Soon after I started vomiting and didn’t stop for about a week whenever I even had a sip to drink. Eventually this resolved, but for a while I would abruptly vomit sometimes, seemingly out of the blue. Around this time I also started to have random bouts of what I now recognize as food related anaphylaxis and FPIES reactions, but we never found a pattern or trigger food until we stumbled upon elimination diets in the last few years. As for nephrotic syndrome it was treated with corticosteroids for almost 2 years, and no reoccurrence so far. Also a more moderate depression continued.

16 to 17 suffered random bouts of sickness and fever, sticky tarry stool all the time, and ongoing mild depression. Was in boarding school during this time so the changed diet may have been a factor.

18 to 21 continued mild to severe depression, and annual bouts of flu and colitis.

Another shift in diet to less soy, more milk and wheat.

Pneumonia episode at age 22.

Around the time I turned 23 I started to have rapid mood swings and was frequently irritable. Suspected of emerging bipolar and prescribed depakote, an anticonvulsant and mood stabilizer, but didn’t fill out the prescription. Instead had therapy for the next five years. Still even with the best ongoing support I had occasional down swings and infrequent productive upswings. More common were periods of anger and explosions, sometimes lasting for up to two weeks.

Other complaints I had included heartburn, migraine, severe menstrual cramps, what looked like an extreme case of keratosis pilaris (tiny red spots all over the body), adult acne, and nickel allergy.

Exercise was uncomfortable because I was prone to getting stomachache or diarrhea if I jogged, got pale and nauseated on hikes, and would get itchy everywhere from any kind of exercise with enough intensity to break a little sweat. Also every two or three times after exercise I suffered migraine severe enough that I would have to recuperate for the rest of the day lying in a dark quiet room.

Mentally, even in the best of times, I had ongoing mild depression, brain fog, felt stuck, fatigue, low energy, and could barely manage prepping one meal a day.

More recently added a diagnosis of unexplained infertility.

Some things I didn’t really recognize before but only noticed after they disappeared were: mouth sores, bleeding and/or itchy anus, random joint pain, dizziness, frequent throat clearing due to scratchy throat, hunger pangs less than two hours after a full meal, and bloating. It’s easy to be blind to what has always been your everyday norm.

Astonishingly, after identifying and eliminating all my allergies and sensitivities, I no longer have any of these symptoms.