Non-IgE Mediated Allergies

Non-IgE mediated allergies are a very large and understudied area. And very real. It is possibly the culprit in many long suffering people.

Lots of things are not known well enough especially to the general public, even to practicing doctors.

Makes me wonder how many others suffer from “hidden” allergies and sensitivities.

Especially those prone to gastrointestinal problems, headaches, joint pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, mysterious idiosyncratic inflammations, autoimmunity, and also some mental health issues.

All the underlying mechanisms are not defined well enough that there are no simple medical tests. The skin prick test can detect just a small subset of allergic disorders, doesn’t even detect all the IgE mediated cases.

Trigger and symptom tracking assisted by data might be a viable alternative until better diagnostic methods are developed. A good tracking program can also guide and assist elimination diets.


Delayed Allergies and Chronic Illness

My understanding is that our understanding of the delayed type allergies are still very limited. And there is no clear medical test for it. Even gluten sensitivity that is not celiac doesn’t have a test. Unfortunately when there is no test and no medication for something it seems it almost doesn’t exist to the medical community. This is where western medicine falls short. It is superb at acute crisis management and I owe my life multiple times to it. But it has a blind spot to viewing people as a whole system and to the management of chronic ills, chronic fatigue syndrome is one that comes to mind. I suspect we are just starting to understand all the biochemistry that underlies many mysterious chronic illnesses.