Salicylates and Nocturia?

When I experimented with intentionally eating lots of foods high in naturally occurring salicylic acid, the clearest issue that happened was needing to urinate frequently overnight, up to six times during eight hours of sleep.

Is there any research about this?

A brief search turned up conflicting information. (Aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid).

Aspirin side effect: Nocturia


J. Le Fanu, The value of aspirin in controlling the symptoms of nocturnal polyuria

Insecticide Incident

Several years ago we almost killed ourselves trying to rid our home of ants. Of course this is a slight exaggeration, but our health issues flared for nearly a year after spraying our kitchen and ultimately led us down the path of diet experiments. We now know better than to turn to chemicals first.

Between the two of us, a couple of issues that seemed to be linked to the insecticide was extremely heavy periods that lasted nearly a year and hives covering the whole body that just wouldn’t go away for weeks even with antihistamines. It only calmed down later doctor prescribed prednisone (steroid).

This reminded me of my aversion to bug repellent or mosquito killers as far back as I can remember. Family used to tease me that I was a bug in a past life. Does salicylate (as nature’s pesticide/ insecticide) sensitivity or multiple chemical sensitivity have a connection to repulsion toward strong scents and insecticides?

Salicylate Sensitivity and Allergy

At first, my tolerance level was roughly one piece of fruit a day. Obviously a shorthand as there are many foods with salicylates and the total amount is what actually matters but for the most part fruit tended to be the single highest salicylates source in our diet. But sometime in the middle of going through our elimination diet I realized I tolerated a lot more salicylates than before. It seemed to coincide to the point I entirely eliminated dairy, including clarified butter and ghee, but I cannot say with absolute certainty whether that was the key. Nowadays, I don’t worry about the amount of salicylates in our diet.

I wonder if there is a connection between salicylate sensitivity and food allergies but have not been able to find studies on this yet. Although there is a connection the other way around in that as with exercise, aspirin and NSAIDs can amplify food allergy reactions.