Writing Hesitations

I find myself hesitating a lot over whether to write about my experiences with food. Why? It’s an anecdote. I heard many testimonies in my life and was generally skeptical of them. There are so many angles to be skeptical of. Is it placebo effect? Mind over body? At best it is a case report of one and occasionally two or more. Obviously not scientific nor thorough enough.

But then, we all start somewhere. I can’t do all the studies myself but can still give an idea, a starting point, perhaps a new hypothesis to those who have the drive, the means, and the training required. And many serious breakthroughs did start with a single observation. Besides, whatever I learn, even if incomplete, might help some other person find their own answer.

I say this as I have been helped by many random strangers who shared their information and expertise, usually online. I think this is one great potential of the web. We can pattern find among huge numbers. Even when some conditions are so niche that you’ll never find books or such about it. Without all the wealth of information online, I would have silently suffered, managed by pain killers and its ilk, present to the hospital from time to time when things got really bad, and then continue on and probably die before my time. Maybe one day doctors will have to play catch up.

Pieces of this information are all out there somewhere, but like many things, you just don’t consider them until it has happened to you. Starting with my experience I hope to bring to light the research that is already out there that just might have the potential to change the health and life of some who suffer with related ills.