Two Week Gluten Challenge

After about a week I felt noticeably higher energy levels and clarity in my thinking. When we started eating it again after two weeks these symptoms immediately returned: irritability, bloating, hungry less than two hours after eating, brain stuck, can’t make decisions, routine tasks are stressful, low energy and motivation, slight constipation. Other symptoms that we highly suspect are related to gluten are: dizziness, headache, pain behind eyes, joint pain, itchy skin, needing to clear throat, shoulder pain, eyelid fluttering, fatigue, lack of focus.

We did not notice any immediate or obvious change in my partner other than a great reduction in gas when gluten free.

I felt such a huge difference in my body and mental state that the previously unthinkable happened. I never wanted to eat wheat again despite my love for pasta, pastries, and breads. So immediately I went back on a gluten free diet.

After 1.5 months I noticed that my PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms (swelling, bloating, fatigue, etc.) disappeared and for the first time in my life I didn’t need pain killers for severe menstrual cramps. Also in recent years I started to have spotting around day 21 of my cycle, perhaps due to a slightly low level of progesterone, and even that disappeared.

After realizing I have multiple allergic tendencies I realized our gluten free diet trial was more accurately a wheat challenge. We didn’t actually eat barley or rye with any regularity so pretty much everything we eliminated and tried eating again were wheat products. But in all practicality, wheat free and gluten free are most of the time one and the same. It is very rare to eat only barley or rye and I became even less keen to try them separately after having a positive skin prick test to both.

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