Update: FPIES Pain Level (Comparison with Unmedicated Birth)

My FPIES reaction pain, which I’ve experienced too many times in life due to not knowing the cause, turns out was a lot worse than my unmedicated labor and birth. Actually my labor pains were also similar or milder than my severe menstrual cramps before going gluten free.

Granted, the recovery after birth lasted much longer and was not trivial at all.

My FPIES reaction might leave me weak for a day or so but I would usually bounce back to my normal state pretty quickly. Not so with birth. Might be my relatively advanced age, and sleepless nights, etc. But it was nearly two months before I felt more like myself.

Writing this I realize this might be heartbreaking for parents of young children with severe FPIES to hear. Hopefully this brings just a little light to the possible level of pain that these infants or younger children might be experiencing, who cannot accurately express what they themselves are feeling.

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