What I thought I knew about allergies and how it changed

These might still be true for most but when you are the exception, it is helpful to know of the possible complexity and idiosyncrasies.

You cannot NOT know about your food allergy.
→ You may not know you have food allergies, perhaps because you have multiple or the chronic form.

A true food allergy will cause an instant reaction to tiny amounts of allergen.
→ Some allergies, even IgE mediated, have a delayed reaction. On the other hand some non-IgE mediated allergies have an immediate reaction.
→ Some people have high provocation doses even up to a typical serving size.

Symptoms are usually swelling or hives.
→ Allergies may manifest in less typical ways (GI issues, headaches…).

If you do have food allergies you likely have 1 or 2, anyone with more than a few is suspect.
→ It is possible to have many allergies, there are plenty reported in research.

Food allergies can be detected by skin prick test.
→ Some allergens do not show up well in skin prick tests. Frequent offenders are wheat and sesame.

False negatives are exceedingly rare in allergy testing.
→ Might be rare but it is still possible, and some severe allergies may be non-IgE mediated.

FPIES exists mainly in very young children.
-→ Adults can have it too and it is likely underreported as people simply may not know what they are dealing with.

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