White Chocolate

What about white chocolate? As it is made from just the fat (cocoa butter) pressed out of fermented cacao it has very little of cacao’s proteins or chemicals (caffeine, theobromine, etc.). Seems unlikely to have significant traces of insects or mold either. Probably depends on what exactly you are reacting to and your personal tolerance level. There is a good chance you might do much better with white chocolate. But as I have issues with milk and nuts and to a lesser degree soy, it’s very difficult to find products that won’t have cross contamination issues with these ingredients anyway. Besides, with more important food groups to worry about, I haven’t gotten to the luxury yet of testing personally if I might tolerate cocoa butter.

Here someone has thought a lot more and written about the benefits of white chocolate.


According to this study, white chocolate was found not to have mold toxins, unlike chocolate.


Update: So… We tried raw cocoa butter.

Me: unlike regular chocolate did not experience instant rumbling, but a mild headache gradually came on, followed by slight messy stool the next day.

Partner: more immediate moderate headache, softer bulkier stool next day.

Since this product was raw, as a test, I also baked white chocolate brownies (blondies?) with the cocoa butter and the symptoms mostly disappeared. Whatever was causing our issue, it seemed baking mostly neutralized it.

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